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This aircraft is well suited for all missions requiring various types of equip
ment including; police, news gathering, medical transportation and utility
 operations. With a very short reconfiguration time (less than one hour), 
this single-engine aircraft is able to complete various missions quickly an
d efficiently. A single engine turbine powered helicopter with boot space, 
excellent for passenger transport or sling loads. Well proven for reliability 
and comfort.


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Coron Helitours



Coron HeliTours!

Dream destinations made possible by Asia Aircraft Philippines

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HeliFly to or around Coron! 


The Island of Coron prides itself of enchanting turquoise lakes hidden in the interiors of the island itself, white-sand beaches, a multitude of small neighboring islands, private coves and towering limestone cliffs.   It's also popular for its beautiful coral reefs and Japanese WWII shipwrecks.   SUP and SCUBA Diving in the area is quite popular.  There is a big diversity of fish you can witness just by snorkeling while you are paddling on the tour.   Coron Island is located on the northern part of Palawan and the ancestral home of the Tagbanua tribe. Highlights include the magnificent limestone cliffs, white-sand beaches,  Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, the Twin Lagoons, Concepcion Bay's hidden river, Kingfisher Park, Kubo sa Dagat (Hut in the Sea), the winding river of the Malbato mangroves (the sanctuary of kingfisher birds).


You may SUP, take dive trips to see the Japanese WWII shipwrecks,  other island hopping tours, sunset trip to Makinit Hotspring or climbing Mt. Tapyas viewdeck.