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This aircraft is well suited for all missions requiring various types of equip
ment including; police, news gathering, medical transportation and utility
 operations. With a very short reconfiguration time (less than one hour), 
this single-engine aircraft is able to complete various missions quickly an
d efficiently. A single engine turbine powered helicopter with boot space, 
excellent for passenger transport or sling loads. Well proven for reliability 
and comfort.


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Heavy lift/ Sky Crane Operations






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*photo courtesy of Erickson Aviation 


Sky crane lifting power line structures and containers




Erickson (Sikorsky) Sky Crane S64 in Anggat, Quezon
Asia Aircraft Philippines is a leading provider of the Erickson Sikorsky Sky Crane S64.  We have worked together with Erickson Aviation Air Crane (U.S.A) on various projects involving movement of different types of heavy equipment, machineries, and construction materials.  We are capable of lifting payloads of up to 6000 kilograms using the Erickson (Sikorsky) S64 Sky crane.  
We’ve also worked hand in hand with different contractors to complete projects that would have been next to impossible without the use of our equipment.

Save time and money with Erickson aerial solutions


Erickson is the world leader in precision aerial heavy-lift operations.  Their S-64 Aircranes can safely carry a capacity of up to 25,000 pounds and possess unique precision placement capabilities, making them the platform of choice for many diverse heavy-lift missions and ideal for infrastructure development.

The S-64 Aircrane features an aft-facing pilot station and a patented anti-rotation rigging system, which allows for the setting of heavy loads with an unmatched degree of safety, precision and production.

They have developed a unique system for transmission line construction that is cost-competitive with conventional ground-based methods. The precision capabilities of the Aircrane, combined with the skill and experience of our pilots and project managers, has allowed for the safe placement of over 10,000 miles of electrical transmission towers worldwide. During our forty years of high precision construction lift helicopter operations, Erickson has never had an accident performing this type of aerial work.

Utilizing the helicopter for transmission tower erection allows contractors to concentrate and maximize labor forces for ef cient tower assembly at vastly increased production rates. The speed and ef ciency of the Aircrane for ying tower sections along the right of way, and the precision building of towers from the air, separate Erickson from all other helicopter operators and save our customers valuable time and resources.

We utilize our precision aerial construction experience to assist with the placement of materials on many types of large infrastructure projects, ranging from pipelines to hydroelectric projects to wind turbines and mining sites.

Their experienced project teams are ready to assist with the design of powerline and infrastructure systems that integrate our Aircrane lift solutions as effectively as possible.

  • Experienced leader in aerial infrastructure construction

  • Cost effective and time efficient solutions

  • Safe, precise placement 

Transmission Lines- Move Power with Power
Erickson is the World Leader in aerial heavy-lift operations due to it's precision, skill of pilots and crew, and our experience in the energy industry.  
Benefits for contractors:
  • Strategically located—We situate our central assembly yards in a way that will minimize labor travel time and other inefficiencies, allowing foremen to closely supervise tower assembly.
  • Precise tower erection scheduling—We have the flexibility to change course with little notice.
  • Speed—Towers are quickly set in place.
  • Access— Quick delivery to remote and mountainous terrain which is inaccessible to ground-based vehicles.
  • Cost—Our proposals are cost efficient.
Please contact us at 6221828 for your Air Crane needs. 


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The Aircrane is uniquely designed to aid in delivery and installation of heavy-weight ventilation and air conditioning units onto hard-to-reach roof tops, and we’re particularly adept at installing commercial HVAC units atop city high rises. The precision capabilities of the Aircrane, combined with the skill and experience of our pilots and crew, has led to the placement of more than 40,000 HVAC units onto skyscrapers, automobile plants, and aviation hangars across North America and Europe.

Using Erickson’s precision capabilities and the lift capacity of the Aircrane helicopter, aerial crane operators placed chiller equipment on the roof of a building, cutting the installation time to hours compared with weeks needed for other methods.

*taken from Ericksoninc.com website