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This aircraft is well suited for all missions requiring various types of equip
ment including; police, news gathering, medical transportation and utility
 operations. With a very short reconfiguration time (less than one hour), 
this single-engine aircraft is able to complete various missions quickly an
d efficiently. A single engine turbine powered helicopter with boot space, 
excellent for passenger transport or sling loads. Well proven for reliability 
and comfort.


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Projects- Philippines--


Angat Dam Project


Asia Aircraft Philippines successfully partnered with Erickson Incorporated (USA), and Cavite Ideal International Construction and Developement Corporation (CAVDEAL), in lifting heavy equipment in support of the Angat Dam project in the Norzagaray Municipality in Bulacan Province, Philippines.  


Erickson Inc.'s S-64E Aircrane "Gypsy King" was used to aid the water diversion project.  It will ensure water is accessible to the hydro-electric facilities supporting Manila and the surrounding rural area.    The aircraft was deployed to move equipment and materials required for the construciton of a tunnel to divert an estimated 188 million liters of water per day from the Sumag River to the Angat Dam, augmenting the area's water supply.


The Antonov Volga-Dnepr, the world's largest civil cargo aircraft, was used to transport the Aircrane.  


                                            The "Gypsy King"


The Antonov 124-100 VOLGA-DNEPR

Inside the Antonov


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