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This aircraft is well suited for all missions requiring various types of equip
ment including; police, news gathering, medical transportation and utility
 operations. With a very short reconfiguration time (less than one hour), 
this single-engine aircraft is able to complete various missions quickly an
d efficiently. A single engine turbine powered helicopter with boot space, 
excellent for passenger transport or sling loads. Well proven for reliability 
and comfort.


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Safety and Experience


We are committed to providing a professional, safe and efficient service to our clients.  Your safety is our number one concern.  We make sure our aircraft complies with the highest standard, and we closely monitor our team of maintenance, expert pilots, operations personnel and staff to make sure our work ethics are not compromised, and that all safety measures are met.

The management of Asia Aircraft believes that no other priority should overtake workplace health and safety.


Asia Aircraft is committed to providing safe work conditions and a safe environment for our clients and for our staff to work under. The health and safety of all employees, passengers and other physical assets of the company are the number one priority when conducting our business.
Working safely leads to efficiency and profitably. We remain proactive in strengthening our work practices holding safety meetings regularly to discuss any safety issues. This keeps the safety attitude at the top of our thinking at all times. A key factor in enhancing our position in helicopter safety is a management system that identifies key safety performance indicators and tracks them throughout the company. 
Asia Aircraft is a certified Civil Aviation Authoritiy of the Philippines (CAAP)- certified charter operator, and has an official Air Operators Certificate license (A.O.C), to freely fly in the Philippines.  We meet the highest standards of safety and practices.  
Please do take caution when booking aircrafts for your travel and charter needs.   There are a lot of agents and flight brokers that stand between our customers and us, who actually employ the pilot.  In dealing with these middlemen, you are not clearly and fully presented of the services offered and more importantly, the safety and security measures for the flight.  They only know how to book flights, and have no control over operations.  Most importantly, in any event, Insurance companies will not cover any damages caused by aircrafts flying without an A.O.C.  As a leading helicopter charter in the Philippines, Asia Aircraft Helicopters has extensive insurance coverage for all our operations and certificates can be provided on request.

Asia Aircraft is absolutely committed to accident-free company operations.







  • SEC Company Registration No. CS 0000083456
  • Air Operator Certificate - AOC# 2012048 valid
  • Certificate of Public Necessity and Convinience delivered by Civil Aviation Board.
  • Authorized by CAAP to operate cargo sling of loads.
  • Authorized by CAAP to install and use the "nose stinger" for geophysical surveying.