Geophysical surveying and mapping

Leader in surveys and photogrammetric mapping services.

We provide aerial support  to engineering companies, mining industry, government, municipalities, and other businesses who need to survey or map land from the Philippine skies.


Helicopters can fly lower and more slowly than fixed-wing aircraft, resulting in more accurate photogrammetric measurements.  Vertical accuracy for helicopter surveying can achieve +/- 0.05 feet.  It has proven to be a viable alternative to ground surveying.

Safety and Accuracy

Our mantra for missions that needs precision.

Our highly professional pilots carry out any of our client’s tasks, implementing the highest level of safety with emphasis on their requirements, to ensure efficiency in every task.


Helicopter surveying reduces traffic disruptions and eliminates risks to field surveyors and citizens. As an added benefit, helicopter surveying can replace on-the-ground surveying of cross-sections in high-speed, heavily congested traffic areas, or the mapping of sites contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Below are examples of some surveying solutions we’ve supported before:

  • Seismic Equipment
  • Energy Surveys (Ocean and Land)
  • Real Estate Development
  • Construction

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Geophysical Surveying and Mapping

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