mining and exploration

Our Specialty

We provide cost-effective solutions to remote area operations in this industry and we have ongoing relationships with mining and exploration companies in the local areas.

Helicopter Services include:

  • Heritage Surveys/Clearance
  • Geological Surveys
  • Sling load operations
  • Roading and earthworks surveys
  • Full Drill rig support including:
    • Crew helicopter transfers
    • Rig re-supply
    • Heli-portable rig moves and support with experienced precision long line pilots
    • Drill site surveys
    • VIP helicopter transfer
    • Full standby capability for remote area operations and emergencies
    • Stretcher capable AS 350 B2 Helicopter.

Oil Mining Explorations

Operating in the most remote exploration sites.


Asia Aircraft Management and pilots have many years of experience in exploration related helicopter and have ongoing relationships with oil and gas explorers in the Philippines.

Asia Aircraft has the necessary experience in these helicopter services:

  • Geological Surveys and Explorations
  • Precious Metals/Diamonds transfer
  • Heritage Surveys/Clearance
  • Drill Site/ Environmental Surveys
  • Mineral Research
  • Standby Emergency Evacuation Services
  • Sling load operations
  • VIP/ Executive transfers
  • Drill Rig crew changes
  • Hydroelectric projects
  • Drill Rig support
  • Powerline transmission/ inspections
  • Seismic support

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Mining and Exploration

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